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Original Article - Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

: 108 : 38

Citation : Pesen MF, Vergili Ö. Exploring the relationship between scapular dyskinesia and the injury risk among overhead athletes. J Orthop Res Rehabil 2023; 1(1): 1-4.

: 114 : 22

Citation : Kulaoğlu O, Elden H, Doğan AG. The effect of balneotherapy and physical therapy applied to patients with chronic lack pain on pain intensity, quality of life, disability and mental symptoms. J Orthop Res Rehabil 2023; 1(1): 5-10.

Original Article - Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology

: 93 : 31

Citation : Pekince O, Koç MR, Toker S. Mid-term results in adult humeral fractures with titanium elastic nail fixation versus plate and screw fixation and locking intramedullary nailing. J Orthop Res Rehabil 2023; 1(1): 11-15.

Review - Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology

: 98 : 26

Citation : Horoz L, Çakmak MF. Leech therapy for the treatment of venous congestion in digital re-plants and revascularizations. J Orthop Res Rehabil 2023; 1(1): 16-18.

: 77 : 17

Citation : Doğan M. Non-small cell cancer of the lung metastasized to the central nervous system presenting with drop foot: a case report. J Orthop Res Rehabil 2023; 1(1): 19-20